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Working documents :

A list of useful references for researches about the breton and celtic saints :

- the summary of Histoire de Bretagne de Pierre le Baud - Edition d'Hozier (1638) ; it's possible to consult the book on the web site Bibliothèques Virtuelles Humanistes of Tours university. On the site it's possible to consult the "Cronicques et ystoires des Bretons" by Pierre Le Baud ; published from the first redaction, with explanations and notes by Vte Charles de La Lande de Calan, 4 vol., Rennes, 1907-1922.

- The sources, printed or handwritten, of the Lives of the saints of Brittany, extracted from the work of Joseph Loth
  "L'émigration bretonne en Armorique" (1883) ; his book "les noms des saints bretons" (1910) can be consulted on

- the catalog of the work of Albert Le Grand " Les Vies des Saints de Bretagne Armorique" (1636), from the edited version of the
  "trois chanoines" (1901 - Quimper ) ; this edition of the XXth century can be consulted on the web site

- the catalog of the work of Dom Lobineau " Les Vies des saints de Bretagne" (1725), with corrections and adds by l'abbé Tresvaux (1836) ; the first edition (1725) can be consulted on the web site

- the catalog of the work of chanoine de Garaby " Vies des bienheureux et des saints de Bretagne" (1839)
- the catalog of the work of S. Baring-Gould & J. Fischer " The Lives of the British Saints" (1907)
- the catalog of the work of François Duine " Mémento des sources hagiographiques de l'histoire de Bretagne" (1918)

- the list of the breton saints studied or cited by René Largillière in his thesis work (Rennes,1925) :
" les saints et l'organisation chrétienne primitive dans l'Armorique bretonne " ( reedited in 1995 by Armeline editions

- the catalog of the work of Canon Doble " The saints of Cornwall" (1960-1970, 1997)

- a table of comparison of written forms used for 80 saints in the catalogs above mentioned.
- the celebration dates extracted from the Propre des saints des diocèses de Bretagne (Rhedonis, 1955)
- a page about the breton calendars : the waltz of dates...
- some informations about the relics of breton saints

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Printed works to read about the breton saints :
An important number of books was produced since 100 years : see the following list

Internet sites to consult :

- The Bollandists have a web site in Belgium : introduction to Acta Sanctorum, and moteur de recherche de la BHL of Bollandists (Bibliotheca Hagiographica Latina) giving accurate references about the documents.
- It is possible to consult the Acta Sanctorum à la Bibliothèque Nationale : by asking for "acta sanctorum"

- L'Encyclopédie Catholique has a web site in the USA : introduction to The Catholic Encyclopedia.
- On the site can be read the Gallia Christiana, chronic of the Christian Gaul bishoprics.

Some hagiographic sites can be found on Internet, mainly in universities. Can be mentionned :
- the ORB site (On-line Reference Book for Medieval Studies) in his hagiographic part (due to Thomas Head) :

- The site of Lampeter University in Wales : with some useful links :,

- The web site of Stanford University, where can be found the works of S. Baring-Gould and J. Fisher about the Welsh, Cornish an Breton Saints : "The lives of the british saints", 4 vol. edited in London,1907 :

- The site of Leicester University, with the TASC database of Graham Jones about the cult of the celtic saints :

- The web site of digitized old manuscripts of Oxford :

- The web site of Internet Medieval Sourcebook of lFordham University Center for Medieval Studies :

- The web site of Mary Jones with a lot of historical and religious texts in latin and english (Vitae...) :


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